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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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warm this afternoon in the a car plows into a pizza restaurant in oakland park sending two people to the hospital. a deadly home invasion of a suspected burglar breaks into the wrong home and is not by a police officer's gone. -- gun. let's check the forecast
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top of the morning to you. as we take a live view from the fort little camera you can see some green on the tops of buildings. make sure to wear your green. i cannot wear green because of the green screen. but thankfully we're not seeing any green on the radar indicating rain. the luck of the irish is with us so far. the fog is around for some spots. westcott on homestead but everywhere else it's okay for now. it's a mild monkey start. low 70s to the coast and upper 60s inland. the winds are light out of the west. today highs in the upper 80s. maybe a stray shower tonight. changes come tomorrow into the weekend. more details coming up. now let's check traffic. good morning. looking awesome in miami-dade
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95 southbound no issues espoused from the golden glades. barely any cars on the road. just open space especially on the palmetto. us 1 also looking good. broward county also no issues. we have breaking news. two people are hurt after a car make a slimming entrance through a restaurant. it happened in oakland park overnight. gaby fleischman is live with more. >> reporter: fire rescue tells us two people were in fact taken to the hospital after an suv smashed through the front of this the shop.
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. it's shuttered up. it's all sectors creek road and ninth avenue in oakland park. let's go to some video of the woman who was behind the wheel. she appears to be in a nightgown and curlers. fire rescue says the pizza shop was open with customers inside when the woman lost control of her car and barrel through the front of the restaurant. witnesses on scene say they heard the driver step on the gas but did not hear her try to break. >> i heard an engine flat-out go full speed ahead and i watched the cargo through the window. she never tried to stop. it's unbelievable. it looks like it happened in slow motion. you don't even have a chance to blink. >> reporter: the shop is shuttered and will remain
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fire rescue tells us two people were injured and taken to the hospital. we do not know their condition. the driver of the vehicle is doing okay and it still under investigation what caused her to lose control. the first family is heading south for an historic trip to cuba. the obama family will arrive sunday and meet with sightseeing in old havana. the trip is scheduled to last three days and will include visits to the community leaders and entrepreneurs and dissidents. before the trip to but americans met with the president at the white house. including emilio estefan. he told us the president reassured him that and all of them he would meet with all of the dissidents during his visit. a family is crying out for help in hopes and estranged husband wanted in a fatal shooting of his wife is caught and brought to justice. authorities say joe louis
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weekend. the men got upset with his wife katrina padgett and kilter. the men who has a criminal record is on the run and considered armed and dangerous. the fort lauderdale officer accused of slapping a homeless man was found not guilty of battery yesterday. mr. ramirez was caught on cell phone video striking the homeless man at a bus stop last year. he claims he would not let them go to the bathroom and pushed into the ground. ramirez took the witness stand and testified he wanted to help the man but that he came at him. his suspended with pay while internal affairs investigates. police in deabae are investigating a deadly home invasion. a homeowner who happens to be a police officer says he was forced to fire. carey codd has more. >> reporter: early morning neighborhood. a suspected burglar broke a window and tried to get into this home and a miramar police detective who lived there was
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the officers's young niece was in the home and the officer felt their lives were in danger. >> just before the shooting a few houses away pat goodson that a man tried to break into her home to her back patio. >> when he could not get in he cut this. >> her floodlights and security system and a screen door kept the man out. she heard the commotion look out her blinds and saw him >> normal good-looking kid. clean-cut mice close. he did not look like a burglar to me. he looked like a nice kid. >> reporter: lyle milstein lives next to pat goodson. his camels were rolling and capture happened pat goodson to but he declined to serve the video. there have been burglar is a neighborhood and he is ready to protect himself >> i'm sorry they did not try my house because it would've been into result. >> reporter: police are working to confirm it's the same man who tried to break into quotes
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lease officer. lyle milstein said burglar should be warned. if they're stupid enough to break into my house they will suffer the consequences. i'm going to assume they're in there to hurt me and not have coffee with me. >> reporter: the author to speak that would happen. they tell us he's been on the force since 2005 and has a clean record and is never shot anyone in the line of duty. he will be given a few days off to deal with this. investigators with davie police have not identified the suspected burglar and they continue to investigate. the miami-dade police detective who admitted to stealing high-end jewelry was sentenced. carl rosario will stand when you're and one day in state prison. he pleaded guilty to stealing jewelry and then try to sell the expensive pieces. police
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pieces was well over $100,000. a dozen horses died when the barn went up in flames in lake worth. the horses were housed at the south for the trotting center of harness racing. work is able to save 11 of the horses that are being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. >> my heart is broken. i'm doing everything i can to pull myself together. >> the official cause of the fire and the owner says he plans to rebuild. we're here the mother of an infant caught in the middle of an armed robbery in miami. the frightening scene caught on surveillance video. it happened to the grocery store a nw. 2nd avenue. near winwood. she was behind the richer with a nine-month-old son when the robbers walked inside. to do not want to show her face on camera but agreed to talk with us about what happened. >> he told me to put the baby on the ground and i listened. and he pointed the gun to the baby and as long as you do what i say it will be fine.
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sure your baby. >> robbers entered the cash registers and took off. woman and her baby were not harmed. anyone with information is asked to call police. one of the teenagers charged in the shooting death of a boy appeared before judge. when presley entered a not guilty plea. he along with 18- year-old leonard adams and 16- year-old charged with second- degree murder in the death of king carter. he was killed during a drive-by shooting outside his apartment in northwest miami-dade last month. the family was in court and his grandmother says gund need to get out of the hands of young people. >> they are getting them too easy. i don't understand that. i didn't want to show my face. the killing states to stop. >> you might want to avoid driving in downtown miami area because several to be detoured for the music festival starting
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fans will be flocking into town for the music fest. the event kicks off tomorrow afternoon and went through thursday. changes in traffic will begin later today. all southbound traffic on biscayne boulevard and northeast 4th street ne. 2nd avenue. 4th street ne. 2nd avenue. on northbound traffic will be reduced to two lanes and shifted to the southbound lanes at south e. 1st st. coming up how miami-dade stacks up when it comes to the healthy counties in the state. plus you have a hard time tying your shoes? introducing this use of the future. coming up. we take you to irish pub in davie for saint patrick's day edition of taste of the town. speaking of saint patty's day we're talking low 70s and
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and this afternoon is that the early celebration upper 80s and a warm stray shower. this evening 82 degrees. a better chance about whether
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happy thursday. we're waking up to only patchy fog but not as dense or widespread as the past few days. here's a live you from biscayne bay camera in miami. there is no great on the radar but where your green. there are plenty of parties planned at schools and festivities. folks will pinch you if you are not wearing green. visibilities down a bit in kendall to 7 miles. in the past few days it was zero. we see some improvement in terms of visibility. we see potential for fog is
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it mild and muggy with low 70s in fort lauderdale and miami. upper 60s in kendall and low 70s in the case. the fair kicks off today. it opens at 3 pm. it's always fun. sunshine and a stray shower. 87 degrees. 36 minneapolis. 40s and boston and new york city. 50 in dc. mild across the gulf coast states into texas. look at this storm system impact in the midwest. we see the threat for severe weather especially around texas into the deep south. we are going to stay warm through friday ahead of the front that will move in by monday. the could be spotty storms this weekend and it will be warm and steamy. cooler next week.
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possibly a stray shower. a light chop on the bank. tonight mild again with 70 and over that we could see some fog forming again. 80s tomorrow mid-80s and temperature will be upper adhesive the weekend with more spotty storms. spring kicks off sunday with the vernal equinox. temperatures drop monday and tuesday with the upper 70s. good morning. the roadways still looking good for the early birds. zero problems i-95 southbound. more volume is building no major issues or problems now on the palmetto. always are open.
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ride. today's morning commute in the washington dc area looks to return to normal. trent officials say metrorail service is reopened. the entire service was shut down yesterday. officials have a wanted to inspect hundreds of power cables for safety reasons. officials warned the could be single tracking at some stops but stations will continue inspections and repairs. 700,000 commuters use the service. a luxury got caught fire in the virgin islands turned into an inferno. you can see the two million- dollar yacht in flames as it's being towed. it took hours to contain the fire. no one was injured but the yacht was destroyed.
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the dolphins have their sights set on a new running back and her kids quest for national temperature begins today. here is jim berry with the sports. >> reporter: good morning dolphins on the market for writing back after losing out on cj anderson. they've entertained an oldie but goodie. kris johnson who last year played with the arizona cardinals and played well for 30-year-old until breaking his leg in week 12. in his younger days with tennessee he was dynamic. he's a bit removed from that. the basketball hurricanes tipping off later this evening there in providence rhode island taking on buffalo in round one. >> dave bondy described he was asked in one word the best way to describe this team. he said fun.
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and fun to play. angel and sheldon show that. they enjoy being with each other on and off the court. >> reporter: the heat opening -- hoping to have fun at the aaa is a entertained charlotte and it could have playoff implications. dwayne wade might happy to see have young players justise winslow and josh richardson at step up their game. the bench mob comes in with a mission. >> we tried to come in and bring energy to the play. the best defense weekend. and try to get turnovers and get out on the court and use speed and athleticism to dunk and make it exciting. >> reporter: they've been doing that. the heat looking good so far as dwayne wade said they cannot afford any lapses because third place in the east could turn into ninth quickly if the heat are not careful. my favorite time of day
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his life in -- >> did you and walter your brackets done yet? >> i've got my first round picks. that's we're going to talk about. march madness is here. hurricanes are up against buffalo today. how far are the hurricanes going to get? >> that's a great question. they have a lot of experience and a lot of guys that have played college basketball. everybody now is talking about the next round. everyone things they will easily wins this game against buffalo. but the big games coming up this weekend. arizona people like arizona out of the pack 12. against miami. i think miami can be arizona but it gets tough after round one. arizona is a good team. you'll still have kansas down the road. i'm going to go with my ma for a couple of rounds and have a
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>> we have to get some support. let's talk about the dolphins losing out cj anderson. will kris johnson be a good fit? >> kris johnson turned back the clock. i thought he was done a couple of years ago we ended up playing well for arizona. with five games left handed over 800 yards. you heard jim berry talking about him breaking his leg. he can still run. he's one of the fastest guys and football. even at age 30 he can still run. the dolphins need another running back weather at the veteran and is not it's going to be a guy in the draft in the first few rounds. >> we can use anybody at this point. you get in their joe. >> i don't -- those helmets
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a ceremony held at edward pace high school yesterday. several nfl players returned the alma mater for the spartans indian ceremony. he presented the school principal with a golden nfl football enumerating pace as a member of the nfl super bowl high school football honor roll. miami dade might be the biggest county but its much lower on the list when it comes to which county is the healthiest. the state ranked all 67 counties using more than 30 health factors. 18 counties in florida offer better health than miami dade. it ranked 19th score no in life expectancy but low in quality of life. broward to better ranking number 11 by excelling in healthy behaviors but hurt by smoking and obesity. aaa is offering a free
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celebrating st. patrick's day. >> we're not wearing green so we will get pinched. the government and major carmakers are trying to keep you safe on the road. the big announcement set for today. like it gets back to the
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aaa is offering a free service plus self breaking cars could be changing. >> reporter: good morning. automatic braking technology could be standard equipment on most cars by 2022. the government major carmakers are expected to make the official announcement today. the citizen will be placed into most models. the advocates say the agreement needs the government will not strictly regulate technology. if you're celebrating st. patrick's day with green beer and cocktails think about getting home safely. that might mean a designated driver or a taxi. aaa is offering a lift if you are tipsy. tonight through tomorrow morning it is told to go program is available for free. call the number on the website and aaa will to you and your
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cbs is hoping its new star trek series will take off at warp speed. the series will air exclusively on the network all access online video service. cbs plans to release three or four original series each year for the six dollars a month service. i'm hearing there's futuristic sneaker. >> yes rumor the self tying shoes from back to the future? the future is here. mike introduced a paper adapt 1.0. the speaker does not have laces at all. when you step in your field it's a sensor an issue then automatically titans like it did when marty mcfly put it on in the time travel blockbuster. type b available this holiday
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members of nike+. after 37 years at wf or our audio technician is retiring. he celebrated his retirement in the news family. his resume does not include decades of service to the station. it includes service to our country in vietnam. he gets a chance to take time for himself. i've been working here for 7 1/2 years and he always has a smile on his face. his distinctive voice. when you hear it in our ear it's very distinct. he's a great guy. >> congratulations. you'll be missed. the news at 6 starts now. developing overnight a car slams into a pizza restaurant
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president barack obama's historic trip to cuba is days away. why he's reaching out to cuban- american leaders ahead of the visit. it's a special st. patrick's day edition of taste of the town. 80 6 am on march 17. >> we have to be pinched because neither one of us is wearing green. thank you for joining us. with that is not wearing green but she's at the green screen so she has an excuse. >> every st paddy's day it's frustrating for us because we cannot wear green. but you guys what is your excuse? >> doing traffic i don't have anything green. >> you have some excuse but all
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wear green. there will be plenty of parties at schools and you will be celebrating after work or maybe even before work. we see green on the tops of buildings. and i love the colors -- the color green because there are so many different shades. we are not seeing any green on the radar thankfully. the fog and visibility is also improving. winds are fairly calm. temperatures mild and muggy with low 70s at the beach and upper 60s inland. today upper 80s so stay hydrated. there could be a shower but mainly dry. better chance of wet weather this weekend coming up.


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